Recycled Furniture

A few weeks ago I came across a thread on UKscrappers which lead me to this blog

I was so inspired by the projects this lady had recycled by painting that i decided to set to myself.

We have just moved house for 6 months whilst our new house is built and have donated to charity and thrown away loads of stuff.

I had kept a couple of  lamps wondering what I may do with them, well here is one newly painted and varnished, this lamp started out as Mahogany but I think it looks a lot better now, I just need to find a nice shade for it but I am going to wait until the new house is ready so that it can fit in with the new colour scheme.

Also this old fashioned blanket box is years old and has been painted once in red to match my little girls bedroom when she was  a baby, she had a Winnie the Pooh theme, hence the ‘ABC’  knob that you can see in the picture.

Well again Ive painted it Antique White and I have to say I love how it looks.

I may put it in our play/craft room again in the new house that’s why Ive put the ‘ABC’ knob back on.

However we are building a self contained holiday let next door to our new house so I may put it in there with spare bedding in it and then I will change the knob.

I think they look ok.

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