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Hi all Ive not been on for a few days Ive been busy painting furniture and happened upon a thread over on UK scrappers about running.

So when i started reading this thread it mentioned a podcast called ‘Couch to 5k’ it seems you can download these inspiring podcast to your ipods and use them as motivation for when out running.

I downloaded the first 4 weeks on Friday night and went for my first run, you have to do three runs a week and they progress each week getting longer which in turn is supposed to make you fitter.

Now I hate running (well frankly to even call it that the way I do it is a travesty) but I thought I would try it out.

You walk briskly for 5 minutes then run/jog for 1 and then walk briskly for 1.5, then run again for 1 and so on until the end of the challenge.

The guy who talks to you through the podcast to encourage and time you recommends you do three a week on say friday, sunday & wednesday or days to suite you but you must have a day off in between.

I started on friday night as soon as i had downloaded them and have been for my second run today.

I am finding them a challenge but once i have finished and have got over the fact I cannot breeth!  I do feel better.

So I will try and persiveer there are several people doing them from UK scrappers so that also helps.

Heres the link to the podcast for you to download and save. I like them as you have the encouragement to listen to whilst doing the challenge.

See what you think.

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