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ScanNCut Circle Frame Card & Apology

Ive been so busy recently and If you follow me on Patreon you will know whats been going on, my head is so full of rubbish at the moment, I had an idea for a card a few weeks ago and set about creating the design in ScanNCut Canvas but because I was so busy I didnt have time to do a test cut before uploading the video to Youtube.

The video went live this morning and I realised there was a fault in my design, so Ive had to take it down but several of my followers have watched it already.

I will perfect the original card and remake the video at some point in the future, so by way of an apology I have uploaded a replacement video which was an alternative design to my original idea project.

This is the project I will show you how to make today and I hope you like it.

The video is Here

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