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Teddy Card

Well I started playing about with Canvas and ended up with this little card.


Its very simple and perhaps not the best looking bear in the world! but if anyone wants the cutting file I will put a link to it below.

Its all been saved on a 12×12 mat so you can either load your mat with various shades of card and cut it in one go or delete everything except the words, get your machine to draw them and then go back to the design and load it again and providing you haven’t moved any of it, it will open in the same place, you can then delete the pen section and cut as you wish.

Ive made the dark brown section shown here slightly small than the base card so it has a nice edge around it and the pale brown sections are individual pieces which I have inked all around the edges just to give it a little definition.

You could add ribbon and bows to his neck, cut it in pink or blue anything really its up to you.

Its in dropbox here hopefully.

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