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Are you like me and have card designs and layouts scribbled on various pieces of paper?

They get in a mess, you loose them and then you cannot remember what you were going to create, if so my card layout helper, may help you.


I decided to create a printable document that I could draw a card design on, and add notes for card name, size, products to use and colours to make my card preparation easier.


The printable file contains the following

Printable card plan layouts in PDF format.

The zip file contains 3 layouts 1 each for portraite, landscape and square design in both A4 & A5 size. (6 Total)

A4 design has 2 designs to each to a page

A5 design has 1 design per page

You can print the pages individually, if you only work in say, portraite, but I use all 3 layouts, it pushes me to create in all 3 styles.

Print them with your printer and bind them to form you card design planner, like ive shown here.

Covers, binding and decoration not included, but I have links to the binding system I use in my amazon shop, you can get to them from the shop tab above and then scroll to amazon favorites.

Card Design Layout Helper PDF Printable

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