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Free Kisses - Doggy Bandanna & Words Vinyl Design

ScanNCut digital cutting file for any model ScanNCut machine CM/DX/SDX.


The cut file contains the bandanna shape and words which have been mirrored for cutting with HTV.


SNC FCM file format only, cannot be provided in any other format


Instructions for making the bandanna

  • The Bandanna is sized to fit my English Cocker Spaniel (app 13k & 18 months old)
  • The design can be resized
  • Cut fabric for the bandanna shape with a fabric or rotary balde on your ScanNCut
  • Overlock or zigzag on all 5 sides
  • Turn the top edge over about 1.75" and sew close to the edge to make a channel for the dog collar.
  • Thread the dog collar through the channel of the bandanna and its done.
  • The vinyl I have used is listed in the craft products section of my amazon favorites link on my home page.


Free Kisses Doggy Bandanna & Words

  • FCM cutting file to be used only with a scanncut machine, any model

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