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A4 Printable Sticker Kit

The Brother printable sticker kit has been discontinued, and I know a lot of people make stickers so Ive put together a sticker set, mine has more product than the old Brother kit and its cheaper.


10 x A4 White 80g Self Adhesive Printable Paper Sheets

6 x A4 Printable Transparent Laminate Self Adhesive Sheets


Use these for home, office, craft, organisation, signage, shipping or school projects, cut them with die cutting machines.

Work great with the ScanNCut, Cricut and Silhouette machines.


Print with an inkjet or laser printer or draw on the A4 white sheets and use the transparent adhesive sheets to laminate youre work for extra protection.


Use a laser printer to print directly onto the transparent adhesive sheets too, so you can get dual use from these sheets.



Printable Sticker Kit

  • White A4 prinatble sticker paper can be used with an inkjet or laser printer

    Transparent A4 printable sheets can only be printed on with a laser printer

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