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300+ Youtube Subscribers & Free Popup Box Card

So I now have over 300 youtube subscribers which I think is amazing so thank you to all of you who watch, subscribe and share my ScanNCut video tutorials.

Ive designed this popup box card in ScanNCut Canvas and as a Thank you I am giving away the cutting file.

If you want to share the cutting file, Please share the link to this post so others can download it their selves. DO NOT share the cutting file as your own or without any acknowledgment of my work.


You probably know how these box cards go together but if not Ive made a short video to show you how here

If you want to have a play around with the online Canvas software yourself there is a link to it in the sidebar, its free to register and use for all ScanNCut owners.

The cutting file contains all the elements to make the card and you have 2 matting layers one of each size for the top and bottom sections of your box, you just need to cut out however many of those you require.

The flowers are not included in the cutting file as they are a pre installed shape from within your ScanNCut machine but you could use any shape of your choice it doesn’t have to be flowers.

The cutting files is here just download and save it to a USB stick and it will be available for you to use on your ScanNCut machine.

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