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A right good clear out.

Do you get the urge to have a good clear out of all that stuff we keep but never seem to use one from year to the next?

Well its the summer holidays and although we are not a house of hoarders we do have things that are never used, worn or played with so I decided while I have been on my own for a short while that I would set too and work my way through my house, without the two other people who live here saying, “No we need to keep that, in case we need it”.

I started upstairs and worked my way down, I decluttered our wardrobes, Ive collected old sheets, towels, bedding and clothes that have been packed away and never used in the three and a half years we have been in this house.

I cleared out the kitchen cupboards of things I’ve never used and never will. I had a table in a room that was looking a little shabby but perfectly useable so I gave it a fresh coat of paint and now it looks like new again.

I have rearranged my sewing area cleared out our craft/sewing room of things that have not been used and are not likely to be used in any time in the near future. I have put craft tools that we do not use on ebay and given everything else away.

I found sewing projects I’ve made and forgotten about so listed those on ebay too.

Ive rearranged my home office and painted my bathroom (well just the ceiling and door frames as everywhere else is tiled).

Ive been to the recycling centre twice and cleaned out the inside of my car.

So all in all Ive freecycled, recycled and upcycled this week and I tell you it sure feels good and for anyone who has been the recipient of my freecycle items this week I hope you enjoy what you have received from me.

Now if my two come home and dare to mess it up they will be in real trouble!

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