Rabbit in a Raised Bed

Well my husband has been building a raised bed in the last few weeks on and off dodging the weather and this week he started to backfill it so that we could put some top soil on it and we could start to add summer bedding.

The other day when he was adding more backfill he asked if we had been digging in it and both my daughter and I said no why would we do that he said a hole had appeared and he then wondered if something may be living it in or digging for some reason, we both thought he was mad.

So yesterday he put more top soil in and last night I went out and started to rake it and get rid of any stones and twigs, so I know when I had finished it was flat.

This morning I checked it and it was fine. So today I have been sat out on my balcony and out of the corner of my eye I catch sight of a wild rabbit in my garden below nothing unusual there we are surrounded by fields and hills anyway he sat a while then went back into the bushes. He came out a few minutes later and started across the garden again this time looking up the side towards the front and off he disappeared, that was about 90 minutes ago.

I decided I would bing all the summer bedding out and put it in place ready for planting so I placed some of it out and went into my office to do some work.

Guess what appeared and started digging in the same place as where the hole was the other day? The first photo shows the raised bed from my office window, the second two show a rabbit if you look carefully just behind the daisy like flowers. Sorry about the wheelie bin if I had know was was going to appear I wouldn’t have left it there.

I am going to have to leave him his whole and just plant around it I think.

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