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Bird Cushion

So I was looking around the net recently and I came across this cute bird cushion project on a Brother website Here

So today I decided to try it out, the link above gives you the pattern for both the branch and the bird. I printed the pattern off twice I scanned one bird pattern into the ScanNcut and used scan to cut data, but I would suggest you cut away the pattern section names before you start as my scan picked those up so I scanned again without them.

Also the wing piece is on top of the body section so I cut just that piece from my second pattern and added to my scan mat so that I could scan all the parts in go and save them all together.


I used HeatNBond as usual on the back of my fabrics and as you can see it cut perfectly as always.



Finally I cut out the branch pattern by hand and traced around it onto my fabric and stitched with a decorative stitch.


Here is the finished cushion.


I am on a roll now with these, I love them.

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