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Card Sketch No 1 - Results!

So just over a week ago I posted my first card sketch challenge, which was just for fun. I gave you this layout and asked if you wanted to take part to send me your photo of your project by yesterday Saturday 23rd May, so you had just over a week to create and submit your project.

I only had 1 submission which surprised me I wasnt expecting lots but thought I would have had a few more.

I had planned to do a challenge once a month, with the next sketch being posted sometime in June but Im not sure now if I should bother.

Could you let me have your thoughts and or suggestions please based on the following

  1. Interested in a (just for fun) sketch challenge yes or no

  2. Is once a month to often

  3. Is a week long enough to prepare and submit your project once I post the sketch

  4. Contact me with your thoughts please Here


Here is Suzanne's card I think she did a great job, look at all that herringbone paper piecing, she covered a piece of card with double sided tape and then cut and stuck all those small pieces of paper and added glitter, whats not to love!

I would never have thought to do something like that, but I am going to give it a try so Thank you so much for using my sketch and coming up with such a great card.

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