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Embrilliance Essentials embroidery software

Ive had the demo version of this for a while now I have it because it works as a native programme on Mac, it is also available for Windows too.

Ive used it a couple of times to print a placement line directly from the software, so that I can scan that through my ScanNCut to help make a fabric cutting file for appliqué.

Well they have just released a Free update which now lets you save an appliqué FCM file from embrilliance which means no more printing and scanning, how cool is that.

Ive been waiting to see if they bring out a digitising add before I bought the software, but I am now seriously thinking of buying it for this feature alone. Think how much easier it will be to make appliqué this opens up a whole new world of personalising and gift making combining my love for sewing and cutting.

Here is a link to the Embrilliance website (I have no connection to them at all just a possible customer)

Here is a video showing how this new feature has been included within their software.

Also some free stuff Here

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