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Help With Timezones Please

Hi its great that we can all get together on a Wednesday and Sunday evening for my Youtube livestreams and its amazing to me that so many of you tune in from all over the world, we are all in different time zones which can cause confusion and some people miss the lives. 

Ive tried to look back at where many of you are in the world and attempted to put together a spreadsheet to help you with what time you would watch based on the country you are in. Ive had to rely on Google and not sure how accurate it is and made my initial spreadsheet based on the information found there, it is now on my website under ScanNCut>Youtube Timezones.

Please feel free to send me information as to how i can alter/improve this for everyones benefit.

Please send me info of Country, Region/Timezone etc to be included which you think may help others. You can use the email here on my website.

I will then amend the spreadsheet and hopefully it will help others not to miss us and help our weekly gatherings grow.

Thank you Ashley.

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