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How to make your own varsity style designs from any font

how to make your own varsity font
varsity font

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well, todays project is made using canvas workspace.

Varsity style designs are popular at the moment and yes you can get free fonts or purchase fonts to get this effect, but in todays video I am going to show you how you can make your own designs from any font to make your projects individual.

This is part of my going back to basics videos Ive been posting recently and the two main functions for this type of project are how to use the subtract and offset functions.

The fonts I've used are free mainly from creative fabrica as part of your membership and I will list them below, bouncy is from dafont.

If you are not a creative fabrica member i will also post a link for you to get more information or join. Thank you

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Thank you very much I always enjoy your tutorial. Very easy to understand. My question is what is the icon below the editing icon ( looks like flower) . II don’t have on my workspace. Thank you

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