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Just when you think things are all OK

As the heading says just when you think all your planning is OK you find out that its not, well that’s what has happened to me this week.

As ive mentioned before we are building a new house and are having a special roof designed and made off site and when it arrives it’s basically a kit and the fitters piece it all together which means you have a watertight roof in a matter of days.

Now this roof has been booked to arrive on the 5th July since the 5th May and all the other things involved have also been booked and in place since that time, i.e. crane, fitters our builder/stone mason all working on making sure the building is ready to receive this roof on that date.

So on Monday I started phoning all parties involved making sure they all knew to arrive on the 5th however imagine my surprise when I find I cannot get an answer from my contact here in England about the roof and then my phone calls start being diverted to Ireland.

Well in a nutshell my contact here in England no longer works for the company (based in Ireland) and then I am told they still have to finalize some dimensions and my roof will not be with me until sometime week commencing the 19th July.

At this point I rant a little but not too much and after many phone calls in the day I am told someone from Ireland will be over to see me on Wednesday and my roof will be delivered on the 12th.

Sure enough the man arrives on Wednesday and take loads of measurements and assures us that  the roof will be delivered on the 12th but some steel they were also supplying he thinks will be best if we get it and have fitted as this is a complex roof with a lot of glass at the back.

He says he will get details made up and sent over to us so that we can arrange for it to be fabricated in time so it’s on site when the roof arrives and is fitted.

Thursday came and went and no details and my husband is not the most patient of men and it doesn’t help that this part of the build is out of his control, so on Friday he asks me to start chasing Ireland for this info but also can I  take a velux window (for over the front porch) to our window suppliers so that they can spray it the same colour as all our other windows we are getting from them (they said they would do this as we are spending such a lot of money with them).

I got back about 1.40 sports day at my daughters school started at 1.15 so I think ok I will just check the emails and try and get there for 2.00pm and catch the last hour, Oh no,  husband comes back you have to keep trying Ireland I need this info to take to the fabricator, well I phone many times and there’s no answer at all and bearing in mind its the world cup 1/4 finals days I assume they have shut down early but husband says please keep trying so in the end before I know where I am its 3.00pm and time for me to collect daughter from school.

As soon as I got there I could see she was upset and tired we got into the car and she just started shouting and crying ‘why didn’t you come to sports day’ well I was gutted and also near to tears I had to try and explain that we had this problem all week and that I had to try and sort it out which to be honest wasn’t any help to her or me I was just as sad that I had missed her sports day and even now 2 days later I feel so bad.

I only agreed to building this new house for her future as husband said it would be far better than our existing home which we also built 18yrs ago.

He promised me this would be perfect and it would all be worth the upheaval, but how do you explain all that to an 8yr old.

In the middle of this it was her birthday on Wedneday so we went out for tea and needles to say I havent done any running for a week.

Ive done some sewing and I have posted my recent project below and we went for a bike ride last night but now we are  going out for a run before it starts to rain and I hope that this coming week will be better than the last one!

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