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John from Gentleman Crafter has today posted some free lattice cutting files on his blog Here.

I’ve been thinking about doing some lattice designs for a while but frankly as we do not have an align and distribute function in canvas I gave up on my attempts.

He has also kindly included a basic lattice template so I thought I would show you what you can do with it in Canvas.

Here is an example of what I will show you in my video.

So if you want to follow along please go and download the cutting file from John’s blog (link above).


I forgot to say in the video you can also weld a heart frame into the middle of the design top right to create a centre frame too.

Using one of the spare duplicated hearts make an outset frame, select both and choose divide.

Drag this new heart frame into the middle of the top right lattice design, centre both, select both and choose weld.

This is what it should look like.


I also used the same functions I showed you in the video to turn text into lattice text. Just have a play, as I said in the video so long as you have kept a copy of the gentleman crafters free template you cannot really do anything wrong and if you do overwrite it by mistake just go and download it again.

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