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Make An Appliqué ScanNCut Cut File From A Brother PHC Stitch File Directly From Your Sewing Machine

In last weeks video I showed how to make a scanncut cut file directly on my SDX2200D, machine using a Brother PES appliqué stitch file.

In this video I am showing you how to create the PHC cut file data directly on my Brother Innovis V5LE sewing machine, which can then be opened on my scanncut cut machine and used to make a cut file for appliqué.

This technique is handy if you do not have embroidery software on your computer, to help you make scanncut appliqué cut files.

In the UK the only machines I know that can do this are the SDX2200D & SDX1200, If you are elsewhere in the world you need to check if your model machine has the ability to import this file type.

You should be able to search on the website for this information.

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