Naming, Saving and Downloading Cutting Files to USB for ScanNCut

Ive received a couple of comments and read on the internet that people don’t understand how to download cutting files from ScanNCut Canvas online to a USB stick.

So I’ve made two videos.

Part 1 shows how to name, save and download a cutting file to a usb stick. Part 2 shows how to locate the USB stick and cutting files on the ScanNCut machine.

Brother have produced a list of USB sticks that they know are compatible with their machine, but if you have a USB that is not on the list, try it anyway you may find that it works. I think it would be impossible for Brother to test all the USB sticks that are on the market.

Ive created a link to it here in Dropbox Brother USB Compatibility List

I hope you find them helpful.

Part 1

Part 2

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