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Stampin Up Customer Winners

that it was my 3 year stampin up anniversary, and as a small thank you, i would be randomly drawing names from customers who shopped with me between Jan-Dec 2021 and gifting some product.

I was hoping to post the winners in a youtube video, but Ive been called up for jury service and have to make myself available to the court for two weeks and as these are potentially full days, I don't really have time.

So my customer winners drawn at random from the people who shopped with me publicly in my online stampin up shop are:-

  1. Karen Stanley

  2. Jane Cameron

  3. Carole Brassington

  4. Adelaide Barlow

  5. Jayne Calvert

  6. John Herma

  7. Jill Claydon

Unless you have moved house in recent months, you do not need to contact me, as I have your address in my stampin up customer orders manager.

Thank you for your continued support, I will try and get the items into the post as soon as I can, but I am scheduled to be leaving home before the post office opens and not due back until after it has closed, so please bare with me.

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Thank you for picking me. I have recently moved and will change my address on your site( had forgotten) but post is being redirected still. Good luck with the jury service. Thank you again.

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