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Thank You Telford

So yesterday I did my first ScanNCut workshop, with the lovely team from Makers Superstore and we went to Telford.

We met some lovely crafters and I had fun trying to show them how to use a ScanNCut, many of them were complete beginners and had never been near a SNC, although some of them do own a machine.

They all made two projects. The first is the out of the box Gift bag/box project and then I got them to make a paper piecing from one of the inbuilt designs in the SNC SDX2200 Disney machine. I had planed for them to make a shaped card with embellishment, but we ran out of time.

However in the process of making these 2 projects below they learned

  1. How to load the mat

  2. How to do a background scan

  3. How to delete items

  4. How to position items on a scanned background

  5. How to cut multiple colours of card at once

  6. How to group items

  7. How to choose various elements of a paper piecing design and put them on the screen mat

And here they are our lovely Telford crafters. This was taken at the beginning of the workshop when we had them doing a fun challenge with scissors!

So thank ladies you for joining us, it was a fun.

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