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Updating Firmware, Software, Machine Calibration & Trying Out Print Then Cut With The Loklik Cutter

Hi everyone in todays video, I am updating the Software, Firmware and doing a machine calibration for the Loklik cutter.

Ive been asked if I had done this by a couple of people and I hadn't so I thought I would record the process and see if it was easy or not.

I have also seen that several people cannot get the print then cut to work, so I thought I would also try that out as it's not something Ive used my Loklik cutter for.

At the time of recording and scheduling the video The software version was 1.9.7 and the Firmware was version 0009. I have had many email conversations with Loklik and they have been trying to help me out they also issued another firmware update to version 0010 but sadly the print then cut function just doesn't work for me. The company are on Chinese New Year holidays at the time of me scheduling this post so things will be slow with our communications for a few weeks.

I was so hoping it would work for PTC because this cutter is so much cheaper than a ScanNCut and I know that many people want to be able to make stickers and the print then cut function for the SNC was limited to where it could be bought and I think it is not even available to buy readily now.

I cannot begin to tell you how much ink, paper and card stock I've wasted trying to get PTC to work with the Loklik but for now Ive given up.

You can see on this last sample above which was done using V1.9.7 & V0010 it still doesn't work for me, the white border is totally off on the right hand side and missing completely on the bottom of the printed image.

How adorable is this gnome image by the way? It is from a set of 30 Mother's Day Gnomes free as part of your subscription on Creative Fabrica.

Anyway for now the Loklik cutter is just going to have to be my vinyl only cutter, it works perfectly for that and it is all I use at the moment for vinyl.

I like how I can choose what elements to cut in my own order using the Loklik software, especially for multi coloured vinyl designs.

If at some point I can get the PTC issues resolved I will make another video and post an update.

I still think this cutter is good value for money and will and do continue to use it regularly.

Let me know in the comments here on my blog if PTC works for you.

Please post in the comments here on my blog or if you watch the video on youtube

  • What operating system you use ie Mac or Windows & what versions

  • Which software version you have installed in the Loklik Studio Software,

  • Which firmware version

I would like to try and narrow this down as why it works for some and not for others.

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