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Retail Therapy

First I hope anyone who reads my blog has had a nice Christmas we are still having problems with our new house, the last one being the under floor heating i was stood around for 5 hours on Christmas eve whilst a very nice man tried to get our brand new air source heat pump running.

I was supposed to be at my aunts having lunch at 12 noon and was still stood around in the freezing cold at 2pm in the end i had to leave him to it.

He eventually got it sorted at teatime but then informed me we didn’t have any flow through our underfloor heating pipes so that meant that there would still not be any heat.

So we decided to leave it until this Wednesday and get our underfloor installers back to sort it out, this is a brand new house and we have to be in by this Sunday.

We had a quiet Christmas and went off to visit family on boxing day and stayed over, we came home last night and decided to call at the new house I don’t know why really!.

Anyway the house was boiling, well the downstairs is, so the UFH has started working despite the flow problem, but we still don’t have UFH upstairs.

We went home feeling a little happier and I went back last night and started to put some units together we bought ages ago for my new office.

Today my little girl and I have been to Ikea on a retail therapy trip I think we need it after all the hassle we have had this year with this house.

This is some of the stuff we bought its for our new craft room, I will try and post pictures in a few days when I have assembled it all.

We bought this

2 of these

I bought this for my new office to go with some oak wall units.

So I am going to be busy trying to put all this together.

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