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Furniture Moving!

So yesterday our new corner lounge suite was delivered which is replacing a 2 and 3 seater settee, the 3 seater has gone to the tip, but the 2 seater was perfectly fine and I wanted it moving into our sun room which is where Hannah and I spend most of our time, the sun room is a through room attached to our craft/sewing room.

My husband just doesn’t get crafting at all, so we never discuss what we do with him, our room is lovely and bright because it’s a through room that leads into our sun room which has a glass roof, two full height windows and a set of double doors that lead out onto a large balcony that runs across the back of the house.

In the sun room we chill and relax and in the craft room we have all our stuff.

So when he moved the settee into the sun room yesterday he looked through to the craft room area and said, why do you have all that stuff in there, you have two desk, one of which is far to big three chairs and that unit, (pointing at my IKEA Expidite 4×4 cube unit) you don’t need all that, my reply was we use it, now go away!

Anyway it must have been playing on my mind because this morning Hannah didn’t go to golf because the weather was bad so I decided to move the 2 meter long IKEA desk and draws that seated two that I craft at into her bedroom, we never really sit at it together, so I swopped it for her Ikea single desk.

I’ve gone from this

To this

But I have to say it does look better but I will never admit that to my husband!

I still have my sewing desk on the other side of the room. it’s a good sized room but looks even more spacious now.

The cupboard on the left has all my frames for word cloud orders and the draws on the right are the new ones I bought recently to keep all my adhesive, vinyl and ScanNCut stuff in and she has got more room to spread out for homework now too on the bigger desk in her bedroom so I think it was probably a good move, but I will never actually admit that to him. Lol

Anyway I am sat here now in the sun room looking back at my labours and feeling pleased, if not tired with myself.

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