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Update on our craft room

Ive taken some photos of our craft room 5 months on from when we moved in.

Our craft/sewing room is a through room into our south facing sun room so its always nice and bright you can just see the rocking horse in the corner of one of the photos next to the cuckoo clock where the sun room starts, which means i can sit there whilst my daughter is playing in the craft room if I am not crafting with her.

These photos were taken at night though.

As you walk into the room the tallish trolley on wheels stores our A4 paper and card, speciality papers like glitter foam, iron on ink jet paper, acetate etc, blank envelopes, protective clear bags and mini books.

The big white box has my daughters toys in, then the 4×4 expedite has tools and 12×12 paper and card and all sorts of other stuff.

Then to the left of that is my sewing table, with my machine and overlocker, on the left of this is where our sun room joins and if you turn round to the left again we have our working desks, so these are on the left of the room as you walk in.

We have small tools like bone folders adheshive runners, glue stick etc in the top draw, we have a draw just for things like 3d foam, atg gun,  spray adhesives, we have a draw for paints and stencils for my daughter, and a draw for hamma beads and templates.

In the cupboard to the right of these desks where the laptop is i have things like spare 12×12 cutting mats for the pazzles cutter, and speciality media for the cutter things like, vinyl, chipboard, magnetic paper, whiteboard paper.

They are stored in  a cardboard type magazine folder i think they are called A4 but take 12×12 and I cannot for the life of me think what they are called, you can fit 3 side by side inside the cupboard.

We also have a big cork board on the wall to the right of these desks for my daughters artwork.

I am going to get another Expedite the 2×2 to put where the Blue pin notice board is and use that for fabric storage when I get some time.

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