Vilene Bondaweb

So today I’ve sold two of my appliqué cushions and thought I would cut some more fabric with the ScanNCut to replenish my stock.

I started cutting the fabric as I always do using iron on HeatNBond, but I found some Vilene Bondaweb in the draw that I must have had for years and never used.

So as a test I tried it on the back of some cotton fabric and cut it with the ScanNCut, it cut great, this stuff leaves almost no residue or glue on the back of your fabric, so if you have not tried fabric yet because you didn’t like the idea of having the HeatN bond glue left on the back give the. Bondaweb a go.


I ironed it onto a project and then machine stitched over it and it’s fine but you could use it for cutting quilting shapes too.

#bondaweb #fabric #scanncut #vilene #heatnbond

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