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A Big Big Thank You

I thought long and hard before writing this post, but I felt I had to do it. Let me explain, You will know I post youtube videos and blog posts about my crafting projects, and in recent years Ive started posting them on Instagram and TikTok but in my real life I am a very private person and no one in my life crafts and apart from Hannah my daughter no one knows I blog or make youtube videos.

I logged into my youtube account recently to check if there were any questions or comments that needed my attention and found this notification from youtube on my dashboard informing me that my channel has had over 5million views in its lifetime from 134 countries around the world, how mad and amazing is that!

Some of the big youtube channels get those kind of figures per video but not my little channel. Ive worked hard to get those views over 8/9 years. I am very humbled to think that people watch my videos and that they are reaching and helping people far and wide.

For anyone who doesn't do youtube/social media you may not know how much unpaid time goes into coming up with ideas, filming, editing, uploading and blogging, many times it can take me a complete day to do all this for a single video that lasts less than 20 minutes once on YT.

My channel is very small compared to others, I earn a small amount from YT ads but nothing I can live off, Since the world changed in 2020 this has been my only income, I have had to take a small outside job recently to help pay my bills, it seems like everything is so much more expensive these days.

I would like to ask please if you could give my videos a thumbs up when you watch and even if you don't watch them all please leave them running in the background, it will hopefully help my analytics and encourage YouTube to recommend them to others which can help my channel grow further.

Ive posted a Poll on my Youtube community page, you can get to that my clicking on the "My Youtube" button at the top of this page, then community tab. I would be so grateful if you would take the time to do the poll and leave me any comments or feedback, so I know what my subscribers want and like best about the channel.

So thank you so much for anyone who has taken the time to to read all this and for watching my videos it really does mean a lot.


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