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Am I Mad Or What!

First off let me say I have now after 18 days without broadband had my service restored and my PC is back up and running.

So the Wi Fi dongle thing has been put away and I no longer have to use the laptop to surf the net or use my email.

Now it may be the heady happiness of having my Internet back that lead me to this moment of madness that came over me today.

Whilst out looking for a new bicycle helmet for my little girl I bought a bike, yes an 18 gear ladies mountain bike!

Considering that I have not been on a bike for about 40 years, what on earth was I thinking?

The man said its a good bike and has 18 gears, I said that’s 17 too many!

He said we need gears around here because of all the hills.

My little girl thinks its fun that we can go out riding together rather than me walking along side or behind her like I usually do when I take her out on her bike.

Anyway Ive paid for it and I have to collect it tomorrow, so I suppose there’s  no going back now!

I am still in shock so thought I would post on here and you can all have a laugh.

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