Calico Cottage Fudge and Cookies

I bought a starter kit from QVC recently which contained fudge and cookie mix’s

We made the chocolate fudge last week and it was lovely but I forgot to post a photo, anyway I have made the cookies today they are custard and white chocolate and they are yummy.

The fudge mix’s come with thier own baking case and paper tin and are so easy to make the cookies you just put the powdered mix into a bowl add an egg and some melted butter and like magic big chunks of white chocolate appear, then you just spoon out the mixture and put it in the over, mine made 20.

The photos show the kit, how the cookie mix looked after the egg and butter was added and the finished yummy cookies, they look burnt in the photo but they are not.

Calico Kit

once mixed with an egg and melted butter

finished cookies

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