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Canvas Scollop Mats & Frames Video

I posted a video last week showing how to make scollop mats and frames using Inkscape. This weeks video will be how to make paper bunting with both filled in and frame designs which you can weld letters or shapes onto, you can even combine the techniques used in both videos and create fantastic scollop bunting.

Brother provide us with ScanNCut Canvas software which isn’t as feature packed as Inkscape but we are able to do similar techniques it sometimes just needs a little more thinking about and several more steps.

So I thought that in the next few weeks I would show you how you can create the scollop mats and frames in canvas and I will try and do a follow up on the bunting too, so if you don’t want to use Inkscape or you cannot get to grips with it but would like to be able to create these designs then please either subscribe to my blog or Youtube channel Here or both and you will receive notifications of when i post or upload new tutorials.


Here are the designs Ive made in Canvas for the video.

scollop_ matsandframes_canvas
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