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Card Making Craftalong 26th November 2020

Thank you to everyone who used the craftalong registration form I posted in a previous blog post. After that original blog post about 50 people subscribed to my blog but only a small number of them actually filled in the craftalong registration form, and as I get subscribers to my blog all the time I couldn't assume that everyone wanted to join in.

So the only people who got sent the PDF details and the link to the unlisted livestream were the people who actually filled in the registration form online.

The video is now public on my Youtube channel in the "live" playlist, but I've not been able to edit out the waiting around at the beginning, so you may have to fast forward about 15 minutes or so to get to the part where I actually start the demo.

The set of cards above on the left were made in the live craftalong.

The set on the right are the test cards I made just to make sure, everything would work out ok. So 22 cards made quick and easy from minimal supplies.

If you make the cards you are welcome to take a group photo of them and send it to me by the 5th December. Ive already had some and they look great. I will do a blog post showing your makes on the 6th December.

Below is a list of Stampin Up product I used with direct links to my online shop.

Thank you

The live stream recording is here if you want to watch it.

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