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Cricut Easy Press 2 & HTV Haul

Hi everyone, I've just done an impromptu Youtube live as I had some time to myself and my Cricut Easy Press 2 arrived yesterday, along with the easy press mat and a heat transfer vinyl kit I purchased from GM

So I thought I would unbox it all and share it with you.

I also picked up some Cricut Riley Blake fabric recently in Hobbycraft, it was only £5 and its lovely so I thought I would share that too.

This is what I made in the live, the bag decorated with the Cricut logo came with the machine and you get the HTV and instructions on how to apply it, for the "out of the box" project.

The bag is to keep the Easy Press in for protection.

The other words I downloaded from the ScanNCut vinyl activation projects in canvas workspace and I cut that with the glitter vinyl kit I showed in the live.

The demo starts at about 10 minutes into the live, if you want to watch it.

Happy Christmas, have a safe one x

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