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Cutting fabric without any backing on the ScanNCut

My daughter wanted some letters putting on her backpack that she uses sometimes at weekend and she applied vinyl but they all came off so I thought I would replace them with fabric.

Someone also contacted me recently and asked if i would do a video on how to cut one of the built in quilting patterns on the ScanNCut machine, so as quilters don’t like to use any steriliser which I would normally use to cut fabric I thought I would have to try something different.

I’ve been trying out fabric without any iron on backing, I used spray starch instead.

This is the starch I used and I used an old box as my spray booth I usually use this box when I am doing any project using spray adhesive.


Once applied I gave the fabric a good iron with a hot iron.

These letters were cut after one application of starch, you can see the edges are still a little fluffy.


So I gave the fabric a second application and they cut fine. In these photos you can see how the edges are a lot cleaner.



Despite my mat being sticky I found that the fabric moved when doing my test cut, so I used a temporary adhesive on the back of the fabric to hold it in place securely.

So here they are now applied to the rucksack which wasn’t easy to sew especially with my poorly finger.

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