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Embroidering A Pet Soft Toy with my Brother Innovis V5LE

Hi everyone, as I explained in the video I have this expensive embroidery machine that I barely used in 2022, so Ive told myself that in 2023 I need to use it more.

So I am trying to hold myself accountable and make a start on some projects. Now technically I did make this and the keyring project I posted a few days ago in 2022, but you are not seeing them until January 2023, so that counts right!

I know this is a little extravagant for a pet toy, but I had the reindeer dog toy and I have the machine so I thought I would give it a go as Ive never done anything like this before, this could have also been done in heat transfer vinyl and with a scanncut for anyone who doesn't have an embroidery machine.

Just to make things a little easier for me I created the name in embrilliance essentials on my computer, where I could size it more accurately, but I probably could have done it in a different font directly on my embroidery machine screen.

The video shows me explaining my thought process and I walk you through how I achieved the finished project, at the end of the video I show you how I made the design in EE, for anyone that may be new to doing anything like this.

This was an experiment for me and I think it turned out great and I hope it helps someone.

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