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Fabric Bowls

I learnt (with help from the lovely people at ukscrappers) the other day how to record TV programmes with my Sky TV remote control.

How please am i with myself, what a revelation it is so easy to do, I can see I will be recording all sorts of craft shows now.

Anyway one I recorded was a sew and stitch show on create and craft and Debbie Shore (link to her site over on the right) was showing how to make these fabric bowls.

I had found a link on the net but it so much easier when you see someone do it live, so to speak!

So once I had watched the show i set about making mine, they are so easy and can be made from any size square of fabric.

Mine started off at 10.5×10.5 inch.

The front and back fabric are different, but similar colours and weight, they were just some scraps I had picked up out of a remnant bin a while ago in a fabric shop.

They are sewn together with a wide but close zig zag stitch and then the outside edge is also zig zaged, however I wasn’t sure about how mine turned out so I have added bias binding.

I have thrown in some cotton spools for the photo but its a small gift for my aunt who we are going to see on Friday.

Not bad for a first go I think I will make some more and I am going to make them bigger about 12×12 and maybe use felt on the inside.

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