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Foamiran, what is it well I googled and this is the definition.

“Foamiran is foam produced in Iran and is a breakthrough product in the field of decoration. This is becoming increasingly popular every day, especially among those who like artificial flowers. It has a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm and when heated it can be stretched and shaped. and will retain its new shape”

I found some on ebay and bought a couple of sheets its available in lots of colours and mine says its 0.6mm. It has many uses in crafting but seems to be mainly used for making flowers but it can be die cut or cut with an electronic cutting machine so can be cut into any shape. Have a look on Youtube and you should find videos about it.

To me it looks and feels just like ordinary craft foam, but thinner, I would say the one I bought when doubled up matches the thickness of regular craft foam i have in my crafting stash.

Ive done a little test cutting this afternoon with the ScanNCut and found with my machine I can cut it with the following settings. But as all the SNC blades are not set the same please do your own test cuts if you try it.

Standard mat, standard blade –

blade depth 6, cut speed 5, cut pressure 4, 2 cuts (or)

blade depth 7, cut speed 5, cut pressure 4 (1 cut)

This is what it looks like

This is my test cut in blue.

The yellow is regular craft foam, but not sure if you can see the difference in thickness Ive just shown it for comparison I didn’t cut it.





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