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How To Create Vinyl Knockout Text For The ScanNCut

In the Youtube livestream from last night Sunday 26th July 2020 I showed how you can create these Pinterest inspired vinyl projects, using a technique called knockout text.

The technique its self is fairly easy to create and I gave a tip on how to align the vinyl for applying the project onto a wooden sign or frame.

A few people asked if I could show how it works, aligning two colours of vinyl, so Ive made a follow video this morning showing me cutting, weeding and aligning the vinyl in readiness to apply it to whatever surface I choose to use.

The live stream from Sunday 26th July 2020 showing how I created the project in Canvas Workspace for PC is here

The follow up video from today Monday 27th July 2020, showing how I retrieved the cutting file, cut, weeded and aligned the two colours is here

I hope you enjoy the technique and the videos.

I now offer ScanNCut one to one virtual online classes via Zoom register your interest Here

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