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Intricate Cuts with ScanNCut

Some of you who are members of our Facebook group may have already seen these as I posted them yesterday but I thought I would do a blog post for my subscribers and anyone else who may be just passing by.

Ive read some people say they have not been able to do intricate or detailed cuts with their ScanNCut machine, now I could be wrong but I feel it is perhaps down to the design, the type of media being used, blade and pressure settings.

I posted recently about using fonts in our projects so I thought I would design something a little more than the normal basic shapes or shaped cards.

Both of these designs were made using dingbat fonts.


The first one were the letters A & B from wind of change, you can see the delicate design of the letter B which is the flourish laying horizontally across the flowers which is the letter A.

The second one are various letters from Saru’s flower ding and again I’ve used blocked in flowers but also some that are only very thin frame type flowers and cut them at various sizes and some quite small.

The box they are sitting on is A4 in size to give you an idea of scale.

They were cut at about 5 inches using sky blue 240gsm card from the Papermill shop online. I cut them on the regular mat with blade 4, pressure 3, and speed 5.

So I hope this helps and you try out more detailed designs with your ScanNCut.

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