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It’s beginning to feel like Christmas

So when my daughter was born she was given a Thomas Pacconi advent calendar for her first Christmas, as such Christmas in our house has started on the 1st December every year since and it’s become our tradition. As she started to get older and mobile I decided that maybe it was time to forget the real tree we had always bought, and I invested in an artificial one.

Now it’s no ordinary artificial tree it’s a 7′ 6″ high Redwood with a huge diameter. I know people say you can not beat a real tree but I have to tell you this tree has over 100 stems that have to be individually set in place and fluffed up to perfection, in addition it has a stand alone 3ft high tree that sits on top, it is a work of art.

It’s my job every year to put it up and take it down, I am so shattered after assembling it all that frankly I am too tired to worry about decorating it, so the job is usually left to my daughter.

So today, so as not to break with tradition I have hauled down all the decorations, advent calendar and tree and dutifully assembled the tree in redness for decoration, once she got home from school.

Here it is undecorated.


And here it is after she has decorated it.

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