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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

In my recent Canvas Workspace Wednesday Youtube live, which was a basic introduction to editing nodes on shapes, someone mentioned a keyboard shortcut for me to use, my friend Paul has provided a list of keyboard shortcuts and said that I can share them with you. So thank you Paul.

I use a Mac and not all of these shortcuts work for me, but print out the PDF list and try them out for yourself next time you are in Canvas Workspace.

I have recorded a clean version of this video without the live chat distractions, it will be on my youtube channel in a few weeks, but if you want to watch the live recording its below.

Something I think I need to point out is I am in the UK using a "British QWERTY" keyboard, my friend Paul mentioned recently after one of my videos that he had had some problems with his keyboard not typing out a design he was expecting.

I checked with him again last night to try and clarify the problem. He is based in France and his keyboard was set as an "AQWERTY" which is why when he typed a specific letter in the Janda Flower Dingbat it wasn't giving him the shape he expected to see like mine.

The reason I mention this is because someone has left a message saying when they type a specific letter using Sarus Flower Dingbat they don't see the same shape as I showed in my recent YT live.

If you look on Google you will see there are many keyboard settings and this could be why some of you see different things to me when typing the same as me. I hope this all makes sense!

So a few things to try if you are having problems.

  1. If you use a Mac you can go to the "Font Book" app, usually in your applications folder which you can access by selecting the (F4) key on your keyboard on desktop, choose a font and it will show you every shape or text that is assigned to a particular Upper, Lower, Number or punctuation key.

  2. If you use a windows computer I am sure you will have something similar, (a Google search will be able to help you out)

  3. Another option (which is a way I use sometimes) is to simply open Canvas Workspace for PC with a new blank page

  4. Put the Caps lock on your keyboard and type out letters of the alphabet, (do about 7 at a time)

  5. Next change the font to something like "Sarus or Janda" flower dingbats and see what shapes you get relating to the letter of the alphabet you just typed.

  6. Continue to do that for the rest of the alphabet and this will give you a good visual idea of what each letter will look like in the chosen flower dingbat.

  7. Repeat with the lower case and see what you get again, not all upper and lower case letters produce the same shape.

So depending on your country of use and how your keyboard is set you may not get the same results as I show, but you should still be able to use the dingbat fonts mentioned, you may just need to use a different keyboard letter etc to get the same results.

As a guide this is what I get with Sarus and Janda with the letters specified. You may not get the same if your keyboard is set to a different country or language.

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