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Ko-Fi - (Or) Buy Me A Coffee

Hi everyone Ive been providing free youtube videos/livestreams and blog posts now for getting on for 7yrs.

The amount of time and effort along with equipment costs is considerable and my way of keeping these free for everyone in recent years has been to use a funding platform like Patreon.

However as you will know because of the hefty costs taken from your donations by Patreon I had to stop using them earlier this year it wasn't fare to you as a donator or to me as a recipient.

Covid has taken its toll on all of us in many ways in the last year and I am trying to make my living from youtube and Stampin Up now.

In the last year I've had to replace my I-pad and keyboard which I use as part of my filming/livestream set up this cost me over £1000.00

I had to buy new camera stands/mounts which cost over £150.00

In addition I pay about £40.00 a month to Switcher Studio which is a programme I use to help me whilst filming/live-streaming.

I have a yearly cost of over £200.00 for my website/blog and I pay for fast internet broadband so that I am able to livestream.

The costs to me soon mount up.

The phones I use as cameras are now very old and need to be plugged in constantly whilst in use and really need to be replaced.

I want to continue to try and keep all my work free and as such I decided to try a new funding platform in March this year.

I have not publicly mentioned this on social media at all but I added a "buy me a coffee" button to my website homepage a few months ago.

Ko-Fi or (buy me a coffee) is the funding platform I chose.

Ko-Fi do not take any commission from your donations, the only deductions I have to pay are Paypal fees, which are approximately 0.34p from every £3.00 donation.

Ko-Fi can be used as a one off or reoccurring donation.

I just want to thank all the people who have spotted it, used it and supported me, it really does mean a lot.

I had to buy a microphone and adapter recently at a cost of £144.00 to try and help with the quality of my audio and the funds donated through Ko-Fi went towards the purchase costs.

So thank you once again for your continued support either now or in the future through Ko-Fi or as a Stampin Up customer it really does help x.

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