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New ScanNCut Canvas Workspace

For several weeks now when we have been logging into ScanNCut Canvas online, its been telling us that the name of the programme is changing to “Canvas Workspace” yesterday Brother launched their new version of the programme for Windows users.

This programme is available to download and use offline no more having to use the cloud.

Here is a screen shot of what you should see when you log into the new workspace which is (this is the UK address)

If you want to try it out you will click the big black download button it will take you to the Brother website, you choose the machine applicable to you and follow the instructions.

Once you have downloaded the .exe file you install it as you would any other programme on your computer.

It isn’t available for us Mac OS users yet, but I installed it on an old Windows pc yesterday and had a quick look at it, I will do a more in-depth review when I am able to use it on my Mac.

It looks a lot better visually, not a great deal has changed regarding functionality that I can see, but they appear to have added X & Y coordinates which are helpful for lining up items, they also seem to have added the ability to make the design lines thicker which is for visual use, I doubt they will cut thicker they don’t normally in other programmes.

In the layers panel you can now see all the shapes you have on your mat, like you can with Cricut Design Space 3 with the one you have selected, highlighted.

The main feature though is that you can now use the fonts that you have installed on your computers, which will save having to use the font converter.

The My Projects, Canvas Projects and Filter options as far as I can see are only available in the online cloud version.

In the offline version you can create and save your work and then export it into SNC Canvas Workspace online where you can manipulate it and resave it if desired.

Have a play and see what you think and let me know.

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