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Orange Sponge with Orange buttercream

Since buying my stand mixer a few weeks ago I have started doing more baking and I am trying to perfect my sponge cakes. This mixer is great its die cast steel and very sturdy and quiet.


Today I have made an orange sponge with orange butter cream filling, unfortunately someone got to the cake before I could take a photo so it has a chunk missing!


I used a basic Victoria sponge recipe and added the grated rind and juice of a valencia orange as follows:-

175g sr flour 175g caster sugar 175g soft butter or margarine 3 medium eggs 1 tsp baking powder grated rind of one valencia orange juice the orange and use about three quatres in the sponge

I put all my ingredients into my mixer and mixed thoroughly, I poured the mixture into two sandwich tins lined with greaseproof paper.

Cook on 180 for 20 mins in a fan oven

For the filling I used a basic buttercream mix and added 2 table spoons of the remaining juice to the mix.

Once the cake was cooled i spread it with the buttercream, dusted the top with icing sugar and thats it done.

Buttercream ingredients were from memory 60g butter or margarine 130g icing sugar 2 tbsp orange juice

Put all into the mixer and mix on high. Now, its not to Mary Berry standard but it is yummy.

The sponge is light with a hint of orange and the added juice in the butter cream is yummy.

Try it and see for yourself.

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