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So the main reason why I chose to sell my Pazzles machine was because it wasn’t Mac compatible and the Brother scan n cut gives me the freedom to not have to use a computer. However I’ve spent years designing cutting files and didn’t want to loose my work when when I swapped over to the scan n cut, so I installed the Pazzles software on an old windows laptop and transferred all my WPC cutting files over too.

When I get some time I will look to see if there is a way to export them so that I can convert them to FCM format but for now I thought I would just try and print one of my designs out, scan it and cut it to see what results I get.

The first thing I did was to make my cut line slightly thicker for printing, but this may not be necessary.

This photo shows the shaped card.


The next photo shows the toppers.

The last photo shows the finished card.

Once I had scanned in the two pages and saved and cut them I went back into the design and made the main card 3mm smaller and cut it out in paper for my insert.

This card has turned out perfectly no different from how I remember it being when I first designed and cut it with the Pazzles.

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