ScanNCut Blades

It just occurred to me a few days ago that my ScanNCut machine is very nearly 2 yrs old, I think I got it around about the 3/4th March 2013, why I am telling you all this, well the reason I am is because I am still using my original blade, yes my blade is nearly 2 yrs old.

If you follow my blog and Youtube channel you will know how much Ive used my ScanNCut machine and every project has been cut using the same blade.

So yes Ive cut – paper, card, chipboard, acrylic type plastic, vinyl, fabric, hessian, rubber stamp material, mirror board and more recently glitter paper.

I changed my mat towards the end of last year and that was really only because i had cut through my original one several times from when my machine was new, its all taped up on the back and its be re stuck several times it still works fine but I thought I would start on a new mat, but I still use the original one from time to time.

When I bought my machine I also purchased the following accessories the pen tool and pens, the 12×24 mat, a scan mat, a spare 12×12 standard mat and a couple of standard blades and a deep cut blade (thank you Annemarie for reminding me I have one of those)

The standard blades remain unopened and Ive used the deep cut blade once.

So for a machine that is nearly 2yrs old I think I’ve done very well on consumables!

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