ScanNCut Canvas Update 1st October 2014

Today Brother have introduced new features into their cloud based software Canvas, these features include being able to size a design by specific dimensions and rotate precisely. They have also included an import DXF feature which will be great for converting design made in other software, so anyone who has used Funtime or Pazzles Inspiration software in the past should be able to export those designs as DXF and import that into Canvas and be able to convert the cut file into a ScanNCut file.

They have also introduced a dashed line facility, which personally I have not been keen on for cards in the past, but its nice to have for making boxes.

I had designed this Halloween card as a free give away and was going to post it today, so I have added a dashed/fold line this morning using the new Canvas feature and you can see what you think for yourselves.

Halloween Free Cutting File

The cutting file is available here. But please refer your friends to it directly, do not post the link or share my file yourselves.

Ok I had to take it a step further, I chose a basic shape from canvas and made it a cut line, added an inset line of 0.16 made this a draw line and chose a dashed line option from the new drop down menu, saved the file and put it in the SNC and got it to draw my dashed line and cut the outside cut line.

Just look at those perfectly uniform dashed drawn lines, brilliant.

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