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ScanNCut Machine & Canvas Workspace For PC Updates

Hi all, just incase you don't know, there is an update for the SDX machines to check if its applicable to your machine you can find a link to the machines updates from my help and information page here

Choose your country, then cutting machines and follow the process to the downloads section, choose your model machine and operating system.

  1. The machine updates give us the ability to adjust the size of a shape by percentage now as well as exact dimensions.

  2. There is also the ability for add a weeding box for when cutting vinyl.

In addition Canvas Workspace for PC has had an update, and this now gives us the ability to view our thumbnail images of cutting files directly on our computer, without the need to add a cut file into Canvas Workspace to view it.

Also there is an updated view from the "File" export option, which I think makes for clearer saving options.

I now offer 1 to 1 Online ScanNcut classes Here

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