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ScanNCut Make Outlines & Matting Layers With Stamped Greetings

Last Sunday 2nd August 2020 In my Youtube live I showed you how you can create offset borders around your hand stamped greetings directly on your ScanNCut machine and add matting layers.

Todays video is a clean recording without all the live chat showing you the process.

I want to point out that the process is slightly different depending on wether you words are pre welded or not, which you could have missed when watching the live stream.

This technique should also work with printed greetings done on a printer so the possibilities are endless.

You should be able to use this process on any SNC machine that has the "offset" feature, so make sure your machine is up to date, (the offset icon may be in a different place on your machine but it should be there) you can check for updates for your machine using the help and information section Here on my website.

I also offer 1to1 Online Zoom classes now for the ScanNCut machine and Canvas Workspace software programme Here

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