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ScanNCut Problem Day

This morning started off so promising, I sorted out some things I needed to do at home and planned to do a Youtube live stream on cutting fabric.

I had all my supplies ready and went live but I had to abandon the tutorial which I am really sorry about. If you were there you will have seen that the machine acepted my scan mat but just would let me load any of my cutting mats.

After I went off air I used a torch to look inside my machine and everything looked clean and free from any debris.

I wiped the scanner window with a piece of kitchen roll and used a sharp pokey tool to scrape lightly under the rollers.

I loaded my mat and it worked, I tried several times with both mats that had previously failed to load and it loaded every time!

By the time I had this all sorted I had other things to do, I will try and do the fabric cutting live stream later this week.

I will keep an eye on things with my loading problem and see how I get on over the next few weeks, hopefully all will be ok. Ive never had any problems like this since owning a SNC and thats over 3yrs now, I have to say it was a disappointment to me but as I said I will see how things go with it.

Tonight I decided I needed to have a little play just for my sanity more than anything else and have made this card just using basic pattern shapes that are pre loaded on my machine.

Hope you like it.

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