ScanNCut Quilt Along - Interested?

Sometime ago I mentioned that for 2021 I was thinking of doing a quilt along, and several people said they would be interested.

I am not a quilter, but have made quilts in the past, I don't think its feasible to make a full size quilt because of the amount of time it will take me to film, edit and upload the process.

I am thinking maybe of choosing 4, 10 inch quilt blocks from my ScanNCut machine, and making 1 block a month and then in the 5th month, they will be quilted and made into a 20x20" cushion.

All the details are on the "quilt along" page I've created here on my website, under the "scanncut tab" theres also a short survey that I would love if you would complete for me as the information that you provide will help me when I am filming.

Some of my past quilting projects are here just to give you an idea of what Ive made in the past, with and without a ScanNCut.

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